[Can pregnant women eat fried noodles]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

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[Can pregnant women eat fried noodles]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

During pregnancy, pregnant women always want to eat some weird foods, but these foods ca n’t be eaten casually. Jjjang noodles appear in Tianjin, Shanghai, and Guangdong. Beijing is the most popular because jjjjang noodles originate from Beijing.Beijing fried noodles taste very good, so many pregnant women can also eat it, but you must pay attention to the ingredients should not be too exciting, it is best to make it at home.

Can pregnant women eat fried noodles: Yes.

Soy sauce noodles are very popular in Beijing, and Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangdong, and Northeast China also have different methods of soy sauce noodles.

South Korea also has kimchi noodles, which were brought into Korea by overseas Chinese, with spring sauce (black bean paste) as the seasoning, plus onions, shrimp, and meat.

However, the display is quite delicate, with noodles in the middle plate and a pinch of purple fried sauce in the center, like a plate of crafts.

Soy sauce noodles are Beijing’s distinctive food, made of vegetable code and noodles with soy sauce.

Cut or cook cucumber, toon, bean sprouts, green beans, soy beans, and put in the vegetable code for later use.

Then make the fried sauce, stir-fry the minced meat and onion ginger, etc., and add the yellow bean sauce or sweet noodle sauce made from the soybeans to fry, and it will become the fried sauce.

After the noodles are cooked, remove them, pour them in fried sauce, and mix with the vegetable size to make the fried noodles.

After the noodles are removed, they are dipped in cold water and added with fried sauce.

The popularity of kimchi noodles in Beijing can be seen from the smooth taste of kimchi noodles in old Beijing.

In old Beijing, diced pork sauce is common.

With the help of half-fat lean pork, add green onions, ginger, garlic, etc. in a frying pan, add yellow sauce, cover the pot with low heat and mumble for 10 minutes.

When the diced meat is muttered by the yellow sauce, the skin is red and bright, and the four flavors are the deep-fried diced deep-fried sauce (shrimp, tenderloin, magnolia slices), etc., and the clam (egg) deep-fried sauce, fried tofu diced sauce,Burned eggplant diced sauce and other vegetarian products, oily but not greasy.

Old Beijingers eat kimchi noodles, and those who eat hot noodles on a cold day are called “pot picks” (completely not water). They have eaten noodles on a hot day, but the soup has to be consumed.

Depending on the season, it is accompanied by a variety of fresh side dishes, which is called “full code”.

In the early spring, the bean sprouts (called amaranth) with steamed bread and scallions, with only two cotyledons, were simmered with small turnips, and topped with Chinese bacon vinegar.

Deep in spring, put the flower pepper ruier in the sauce, called pepper sauce, the noodle code is green garlic, toon buds, amaranth, green bean mouth, small water radish ravioli and shreds.

In the early summer, new garlic, fresh peas simmered, shredded cucumber, shredded lentils, and leek segments are used as face codes.

In addition, Shanghai, Guangdong, and South Korea also have fried noodles.

The above is a detailed introduction to pregnant women who can eat kimchi noodles. Women who are pregnant can eat kimchi noodles. This way, the food has no effect on the female body. However, when eating kimchi noodles, you should choose a simple one.Method, when eating like this, do not worry about whether it is a threat to the body.